Below are the relevant details regarding COVID safety protocols and vaccination policies

Vaccination Policy

In accordance with Halton Public Health and facility guidelines, ALL eligible participants (including kids born 2009 or earlier), coaches, and umpires show proof of vaccination prior to the start of the first session in each program. Full vaccination status is noted as 14+ days after the second dose of an approved COVID vaccine. Proof of vaccination must be shown to the Board member on site at the first session, and will be recorded in the Club registration system. The Club will not store digital or physical copies of any medical information. Medial exemptions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Before each session:

  1. Each player will complete the self-assessment/wellness check form before each on-field session.
  2.  If a player or family member displays any symptoms, they MUST be tested immediately, isolate themselves, and notify the club for contact tracing purposes. If someone becomes ill, the whole group will have to isolate for two weeks.
  3. There will (likely) be NO restroom facilities available, so players must keep this in mind before leaving home.

At the facility

  1. Players will arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to their designated time for their group and leave promptly after their session has ended. 
  2. Players will sanitize their hands before entering the facility with sanitizer provided. There will be sufficient hand sanitizer and/or wipes available onsite for use before entering the facility.
  3. Attendance will be recorded at each session for contact tracing purposes. Participants must advise coaches if they are unable to attend
  4. Masks must be worn when entering the facility and may only be removed once active play begins. Exception: players who are not eligible to be vaccinated must wear a mask at all times (i.e. players born 2010 or later)

Emergencies and Discipline

  • There will be an adult trained in first-aid at each session should such attention be necessary.
  • Non-compliance with any of the above may result in disqualification from participating in further sessions.

Club Responsibilities

  • The club will provide
    • hand sanitizer
    • disinfectant wipes
    • gloves
    • first aid supplies (disposable ice packs)