Before each session:

  1. Each player will complete the self-assessment/wellness check form before each on-field session. They will not be allowed to train if it is not completed. 
  2.  If a player or family member displays any symptoms, they MUST be tested immediately, isolate themselves, and notify the club for contact tracing purposes. If someone becomes ill, the whole group will have to isolate for two weeks.
  3. There will (likely) be NO restroom facilities available, neither at the field or in community centres, so players must keep this in mind before leaving home.
  4. Only one parent/guardian of players under 14yrs will be allowed within the gates of the field and must remain in the designated spectator area at all times, while maintaining 2m social distance. They may also choose to watch from outside the fencing.
  5. Players will NOT bring bags of equipment into the field of play. 
  6. Players must arrive wearing appropriate clothing and shin pads, carrying only a mouth guard, stick and water bottle. There is absolutely NO sharing of equipment.

At the Field

  1. Players will arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to their designated time for their group and leave promptly after their session has ended. 
  2. Goalies will change into their kit outside of the gated area, before entering the field
  3. Safety Officers will greet the players and check that all self-assessments have been completed before allowing players to access the field.
  4. Players will sanitize their hands before entering the field with sanitizer provided. There will be sufficient hand sanitizer and/or wipes available onsite for use before entering the field. Wipes will be disposed of in a sealed garbage bag
  5. Players will not enter the gated area until they have been cleared by a safety officer
  6. The players will arrive and go directly to their designated area and will stay in that area for the duration of the session unless an emergency dictates otherwise.
  7. Players will maintain a social distance of 2-metre distance from each other and the coaches.

Training Format

  1. Per session – field divided into thirds, with three groups of 8 players, one coach (Youth and Junior) and one safety officer for each group.
  2. Players will always train with their pod.  For contact tracing purposes, changing groups is not allowed
  3. The groups and field sections will be communicated before the first on-field session.
  4. Scrimmaging is NOT permitted at this time.

Coaches Checklist

  1. Arrive at field, sanitize hands before entering the field
  2. Place crates of balls and cones in designated sections of the field
  3. Coaches must maintain social distance from players and each other for the duration of the session
  4. Coaches or Safety Officers will take the balls after the sessions and place them in storage.
  5. If necessary, coaches may arrange a virtual session for feedback and follow-up.

Safety Officer Checklist

  1. Check that the coaches and each player that arrives at the field has completed the online health check
  2. Ensure that the players sanitize their hands before entering the field.  
  3. Ensure that players go straight to their assigned area.
  4. Ensure that the players maintain social distance.
  5. Ensure that players leave promptly after training.

Emergencies and Discipline

  • There will be an adult trained in first-aid at each session should such attention be necessary.
  • Non-compliance with social distancing, arrival/departure procedures, and equipment rules will result in disqualification from participating in further training sessions.

Club Responsibilities

  • The club will purchase 
    • hand sanitizer
    • disinfectant wipes
    • gloves
    • first aid supplies (disposable ice packs)