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Game  Conduct

Minimum Number of Players:

A minimum of eight (8) players is required to constitute a team on the field. A team not fielding 8 players for the entire game shall forfeit the game except in the case of a serious injury during the game.


Team Uniform:

Each player shall be in dressed shirt and socks of her team colours, which have been previously agreed by the Board of Directors. The umpires’ decision on uniform suitability shall be final. Ball caps and bandanas are permitted, but must be in a color that matches the team uniform, with nothing outrageous or profane printed on them.


Inclement Weather:

If a game should have to be terminated before half time due to inclement weather, it is then a postponed game. If weather forces termination at half time or later, the results at the time of termination shall be considered final.

Umpire Decisions:

The umpires are responsible for the safety of players on the field. Therefore, umpires have the final decision on terminating a game due to inclement weather. Umpire decisions are not to be disputed during the course of a game.

Reporting & Recording Scores

Reporting the Score:

It is the responsibility of each team to report the score to the program Director within 48 hours of any completed regular season game.


Points Structure:

The point structure shall be applied as follows:

Win – 3 points
Tie – 2 points
Loss – 1 point
Forfeit – 0 points


Postponed game:

A postponed game occurs when the controlling umpire has terminated the game before the completion of the 1st half of the game (only due to inclement weather: lightning, extreme heat).


Forfeited game:

A forfeited game occurs when:

  1. one team at the field cannot field a team, except in the case of an injury once the game has started.

  2. a game takes place and a team or player is later discovered to have been not registered or been suspended at the time of the game. The non- registered/suspended team or the team fielding the non-registered/suspended player is the forfeiting team.


Compilation of Results:

Game results and league standings shall be compiled by the program Director.


Breaking a Tie:

In the case of a tie in league standings, the winner shall be decided as follows:

  1. Team with the best win/loss record in games between the tied teams shall be the winner.

  2. If still tied, the team scoring the highest number of goals, in games between the tied teams shall be the winner.

  3. If still tied, the team with the lowest number of goals against, in games between the tied teams shall be the winner.

  4. If a tie still exists, the total season goal differential for each team involved shall be used to determine the winner.


Penalty Strokes:

  1. Each team will select any 5 players from those listed on the match sheet. These 5 players shall take penalty strokes alternately, the first team to shoot being decided by a coin toss.New Rule: If player taking stroke before whistle and misses the net, stroke stands. If player taking stroke before whistle and scores, its a retake. If keeper moves before stroke and no goal, retake. If keeper moves before stroke and goal, goal stands(from FIH rules book).

  2. If the score is still tied, a “sudden death” system will be used. Each team will alternately send any one player to take a penalty stroke until the tie is broken. Fist to score wins, but each team must have taken equal number of strokes.

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